soccer ball
    BENOLD GIRLS SOCCER                    


    Goal of our program:  Our goal this year is to ensure players have fun,while developing skills necessary to continue playing soccer in a competitiveenvironment.


    Practice Schedule: Regular morningpractices will be from 7:00am-8:15am every day.


    Game Schedule: Games will be played mostly on Tuesdays at 5:00.The first game will take place in April and the season will end with a game in May .


    UIL: TheUniversity Interscholastic League (UIL) controls all extra curricularactivities in public schools.  The UIL has established guide lines whichare followed.  All athletes must be passing in all classes in order tocompete in any event.  All athletes must have an athletic physical yearlyalong with various forms on file with their campus coaches.


    Uniforms: Coaches will provide a jersey and shorts for eachplayer that will be returned to the school after the last game. You will be responsible for reimbursing theschool for any uniforms not returned! Studentswill provide their own cleats, shin guards and socks. Each player will need onepair of blue soccer socks, and one pair of white soccer socks. It is importantthat all of our socks match, so they may not have any emblems that will showduring a game.


    Optional Meal Plan:  The kids will have the opportunity toparticipate in the game-day meal plan. The meal plan consists of a sandwich, chips and a drink from variouslocal restaurants.  The cost will be $33.00 for the season.  Please fill outthe attached sheet to indicate that you will or will not be participating. Checks should be made payable to GISD.


    Game-day Shirts:  The kids will also have the opportunity to purchase a game day shirt.


    Expectations: We expect the best from our players! As anathlete, you represent Benold Middle School and Georgetown ISD.

    • You must be passing all classes to try out for soccer! There are no exceptions!
    • Attend all games and practices. If you can not make a game or practice, please notify your coach as soon as possible.
    • Your behavior during the day is just as important as your skills on the field. Keep your grades up, study hard and act appropriately.