Schoolwires Options for GISD Teachers

  • The following are the default templates for GISD teacher websites.  We are continually revising these based on staff feedback, and they can all be completely customized by the teacher (add/remove pages, etc.)  However, they provide a default layout for your website to get you started.
    This website configuration would be for an individual teacher and includes a home page, calendar page, lesson plans, assignments, learning links, files, and photo gallery page.
    This website configuration is for an individual teacher of multiple courses or grade levels, with a home page, a page for each subject or course that has file/link/assignment areas, a lesson plans page, calendar, and photo gallery.
    This website configuration is for a department or grade level team who wish to share a single website.  There is a page for each teacher's information as well as shared pages for Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Language Arts (could be renamed to the courses in a department), as well as a shared calendar, assignments, files, links, and photo gallery page.
     This website configuration is for a student organization sponsor or coach and includes a home page, photo gallery, files & forms page, and links & online resources page.
Last Modified on August 7, 2014