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    Kelly Spiller

    Chemistry & Forensic Science
    East View High School
    Phone: 943-5000 x 8086       spillerk@georgetownisd.org 


    My Education & Teaching Background

    BA Microbiology (UT Austin)
    Masters Degree Educational Administration (Lamar University)
    Composite Science Certification
    I have been teaching since 1996 and married since 1997.
    My wife, Jennifer, is a Nurse Practitioner at Southwestern University in Georgetown. 
    I have a son, Reagan, born in 1999 and a daughter, Jillian, born in 2001.
    I believe learning is a lifelong endeavor and that the greatest gift I can give any student is a appreciation of learning.


    A Day                                                                  B Day
     Chemistry       Forensic Science
     Chemistry Conference
     Conference Forensic Science
     Flex Flex
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