• After School Action Program Course Guide


    In Intro to Cooking, we will be traveling the world with our taste buds!!! Making food from Ireland, Mexico, Italy, and so much more.  Cooking class will break down basic cooking skills such as proper knife technique, measurement, hot surface safety, and teamwork.  


    In Cooking Hacks we will be recreating copycat recipes from popular restaurants. Students will learn how to make items such as Chick-fil-a chicken nuggets, Sonic’s famous Cherry Limeade, and Olive Garden's Fried ravioli.


    Students will learn how to embrace their Creativity in Art with river rock art, descriptive silhouettes, and watercolors.


    Lilies, and tulips, and sunflowers Oh My !!!! In Gardening your green thumb will definitely bloom.


    From Jazz to ballet and Salsa to Merengue. Dance Teachers from the Arthur Murray Dance Studio will break down the basics and is great for all levels of experience.  Ballet Folklorico will teach a dance rich in Mexican culture and History.


    Rock Climbing, canoeing, cave explorations in Adventure.


    Test your Knowledge of  Wind, mechanical, electrical and light energy in out New Energy Class.


    In our two cosmetology classes Nails and Hair, you will be learning new tips and tricks to help you get the perfect mani and pedi or perfect your updo skills.


    Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty in our Slime class,  where you will use your mad science skills to create a new type of slime every week.


    In Travel class you will be planning a mini vacation day trip to a new and exciting place to visit in Texas. From San Antonio to the piney woods of Nacogdoches, the possibilities are endless.


    CPR and First Aid are important skills you will learn in Babysitting, and by completing this course you will receive the Red Cross babysitting certification.  


    Become a Youtube Star in Youtube class, where you will hone your videoing and editing skills to help you create the perfect youtube video.


    In Animal Care, focuses on basic aspects of pet care and also instruct students in more advanced topics such as, achieving good health, loving care, behavior problems,  safety and grooming.


    The better prepared you are today, the easier tomorrow will be. Our Zombie Apocalypse Survival class will help you learn or reinforce skills such as finding shelter and first aid.


    From World of Warcraft to Pandemic. Games class will bring you into a fictional World to bring out your competitive side.