• 3.1 & 3.2: Installing Apps & Logging Out of the App Store

    DIRECTIONS: Please view the video below to learn how to download apps to your iPad as well as some other tips. Please have your iPad with you and powered on as you view the video, as you will be instructed to download four apps during the course of the video. 

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    • In the new tab, click Not you? in the top left corner of the page.
    • Login with your GISD computer username and password.
    • Close the new tab.
    • Refresh this page. You will now be able to view the video below.


    Below you will find some of the same information that was covered in the video, but in text format. You may review the information if you wish.
    After viewing the video above and optionally reviewing the information below, please proceed to section 3.3 & 3.4: Opening and Closing Apps and Security of Logging Into and Out Of Apps.

    Using the App Store 

    • Tap the "App Store" icon on the home screen of your iPad.
    • Tap on the Categories icon at the top of the screen, for example, tap on Education
    • Take a moment to look at New and Noteworthy Education Apps, scroll down to the What's Hot Education Apps. 
    • Under the Quick Links, take a look at the Education Collections. Tap on the subject are searching for, i.e. Reading.
    • If you know the name of an app, at the top right of the screen is the Search bar, type the name into the search bar that appears, then tap onSearch.
    • Once you have found an app that  interests you, tap the icon to get additional information about the app, including developer notes, screen shots and user ratings.  If an App has a + sign, that indicates an app designed for both iPhone and iPad.  You can choose to download an iPhone app onto your iPad.

    How to Download a Free App

    • Once you've decided to download an app, tap the button that says "Free" for the price.
    • The App Store prompts you for your Apple ID.  An Apple ID is required to download apps to your iPad.  
      • Use your GISD Apple ID, which should be the same as your GISD email address, to download apps to your individual administrative iPad or the GISD iPad you teach from.
        • This is the best way to test an app before putting it on a classroom set of iPads.
      • If you are responsible for putting apps on multiple iPads in a classroom set, you will need to use the GISD Apple ID and password that have been assigned to that set of iPads. The technology department will provide you with this ID and password.
        • Log in to the App Store on one of the iPads in the classroom set with the Apple ID/iTunes account that the technology department has provided for your set of iPads.
    • Watch the installation status bar that appears under the new icon on your iPad. Once it is complete, you can access your new app.
    • If you are downloading an app to a classroom set of iPads, once the installation is complete on one of the iPads in the set, you can:
      • Log into the App Store with the classroom set Apple ID/iTunes account on each of the other iPads in the set
      • Tap Purchased at the bottom of the App Store screen
      • Tap Not on This iPad at the top of the App Store screen
      • Find the app you downloaded to the first iPad in the set and tap the cloud icon to download the app to the iPad you are working with
    Purchasing Apps
    NOTE: Exact procedures for purchasing apps are currently being worked out between the technology department and the business office. We will get procedural details to you as soon as possible.
    Opening Apps
    • To open an app simply tap once on the app icon.
    • To exit the app and return to the iPad home screen, press the Home Button (this is the physical button on the face of the iPad). 

    Closing Apps
    • To close an app and return to the home screen, double-tap the home button on the iPad
    • Spread out all five fingers of one of your hands on the iPad screen and pinch them together toward the middle of the screen.

    Using Apps
    • Once in an app navigation is different depending upon the developer. Often it shows up around the edges of the screen.
    • If you don't see any navigationtap once in the center of the screen and many times the navigation will appear around the perimeter of the page. From there you can choose to do what the navigation states.
    • Some developers buttons are icons and others are text.  
    • Examples of App navigation:
    • Camera Roll       Setting     Edit    Done    

    After viewing the video above and optionally reviewing textual information, please proceed to section 3.4 Security of Logging Into and Out Of Apps.

Last Modified on August 3, 2014