• Charging an iPad

    • Your iPad came with a power adapter.  It must be plugged into an electrical outlet.  
      •  iPads will not charge while connected to a Windows computer through USB.
    • Connect the USB end of the cable into the plug.
    • Connect the plug to an electrical outlet on the wall.
    • Connect the other end of the cable to the bottom of your iPad.  The symbol should face up.

    Charging Q & A 

    • How long does the iPad battery last?     
      Approximately 10 hours when new and fully charged.
    • How often should I charge the iPad?    
      Plug your iPads in at the end of every day and charge them overnight.
    • Where should I charge my iPads?         
      Plug your iPads into a surge protector. 
    • During the school day when your iPads are not in use, store your iPads in a location that is not easily visible to or accessible by students.  Consider keeping them in a locked cabinet or closet.
    • In the afternoon/overnight while your iPads are charging, keep them out of sight.  If you are able to store them in a locked cabinet or closet while charging them, do so.
Last Modified on March 3, 2017