iPad Classroom Management

  • Set Student Expectations for Responsible Use of iPads & Post in Your Classroom

    iPad Rules
    • How students handle the iPads
      • Always carry with two hands.
      • No "tug of war" with the iPad.
      • Only one student "pilots" the iPad at a time, even when collaborating.
    • Use only the apps you've been instructed to use
      • No "free" internet browsing.
      • No installing or deleting apps on the iPad
    • Care and upkeep of iPads
      • Hands should be clean when using the iPad
      • Do not set the iPad near liquids, food, or objects of extreme heat
      • Never spray liquid on the iPad or iPad case.
      • Use a soft cloth, such as one used for cleaning glasses, to clean the screen on a regular basis. 
      • Use a dry cloth to clean the iPad cover.
      • An alcohol wipe can be used to disinfect the touch surface of the iPad if it has a cover on it. The cover can be cleaned with an alcohol wipe also.
    • Students should know it is expected that they will immediately report any damage to or malfunction of the iPads or their covers.
    • iPaddling in the BYOD Classroom - A third grade teacher is recording her experience using iPads with her students, and includes the rules she uses in her classroom along with procedures she has used to teach her students about responsible iPad use.
    • GISD Student Responsible Use Policy  - This policy applies to students using any type of technology in GISD, including iPads.
    • Have consequences for inappropriate use and enforce them consistently.


     Classroom Management Tips
    Girls sharing iPad
    • If possible, keep track of which student is using which iPad
      • If something inappropriate occurs with an iPad, this will help with tracking down who was responsible.
      • Keep a list of which student uses which iPad in each class. 
      • Make students aware of which number iPad they use according to the GISD label on the back, or add your own numbered or colored sticker to the back of the iPads to help students easily identify them. Please do not add any further decorations to the iPads or Otterbox covers or allow students to decorate them.
      • Let students know they will be held accountable for the condition of their assigned iPad.
      • Briefly inspect the iPads at the end of each use to check for damage. Look at which apps are open to see if students were staying on task.
    • Set a routine for how students should get iPads at the start of class and put them away at the end of class.
      • Part of routine should be making sure all iPads are returned and inspected by the teacher at the end of class.
      • Otterbox covers should also be put on the face of the iPads between classes and/or when the iPads are not going to be used for an extended period of time.
    • Face Down
      • Use this instruction to get student attention away from the iPads and on you during instructional time.
    • iPad on the Desk/Table in flat or slightly elevated position when being used.
      • This allows you to see what the students are doing on the iPad at all times
      • Do not let students use the iPad in their lap where the desk/table can hide what they are doing.
    • When not being used, iPad should be on the inside corner of the desk or center of the table.
    • Sharing iPads
      • Place the iPad between two people or in the center of the group when sharing.
      • Only one student "pilots" at a time or take turns. Two students should not be trying to touch the screen at the same time.
      • Assign jobs (or ask students to work out jobs) when sharing the iPad. For example, one student might input text and another might take pictures or video.
    • Mute
      • Teach students how to mute the iPad unless sound is needed for a lesson.
      • Keep iPad muted at all times or keep earphones plugged in at all times.
    • Headphones
      • Obtain headphones for each iPad or ask students to bring their own headphones.
      • Headphone splitters can also be used for sharing the iPad.
      • Do not share earbuds due to germs.
    • Volume
      • Tell students how many sound bars are appropriate for use with headphones and for listening "out loud".


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Last Modified on March 3, 2017