• Restricting Access to Specific Apps or Functions on the iPad
    The Game Center has been turned off at the district level and the rating of Music and Podcasts has been set to Clean. The other restriction settings on the iPads are left to individual teachers' discression.

    You may want to restrict the ability for students to use certain apps or perform certain procedures such as deleting apps. To do this you will have to set up Restrictions on each individual iPad.

      • Go to Settings > General
      • Scroll down to Restrictions and tap on it.
      • Tap Enable Restrictions at the top of the page.
      • You will be asked to set a Restrictions Passcode
        • Make this something you can remember but something students will not guess. This code cannot be recovered without wiping the entire device, so make it something you can remember!
      • After setting and confirming the Restrictions Passcode, you will have the ability to turn off some apps. Choose carefully, as you don't want to limit the iPad's functionality too severely. Here are some suggestions for initial restrictions:
        • Facetime - This app allows students to video conference with others if they have an AppleID/iTunes account. It has instructional uses, but unless you are going to use it right away or regularly, you might want to turn it off.
        • iTunes Store - Students could log in to this and download music they have purchased. Unless you plan to purchase music for your devices, this might be a good app to restrict.
        • Deleting Apps - This will keep students from accidentally or intentionally deleting apps from the iPads. If you want to delete apps at some point, you'll just need to input your Restrictions Passcode and then re-enable app deletion.
        • Installing Apps* - Turning this off will hide the app store icon on your iPad. This will keep students from logging in to the App store with a personal Apple ID/iTunes accounts and downloading apps, but it will also mean you have to enable the installation of apps every time you want to update or add an app to your iPads. You might wish to leave this on unless students installing apps becomes a problem.

    Guided Access
    Guided Access helps you keep students focused on a singe app by disabling the home button and restricting parts of the screen.
    Turn On Guided Access
    • Tap Settings
    • Tap General
    • Tap Accessibility
    • Under Learning, tap Guided Access
    • Slide the Guided Access slider to ON
    • Tap Set Passcode to set the passcode you will use to enable and disable Guided Access.  
      • Make this something you can remember but something students will not guess. This code cannot be recovered without wiping the entire device, so make it something you can remember!
    • Go back to the iPad Home Screen.
    • Open the app you want to use with students
    • Triple-click the Home button to launch Guided Access and select the options for limiting students' interaction with this app and the iPad.
      • If you also have triple-click VoiceOver enabled, the Accessibility Options menu appears, and you have to tap Guided Access.
    • If you are just trying to keep students from accessing other apps while using this app:
      • Tap Start in the top right corner
    • If you want to enable other restrictions within this app:
      • To prevent students from accessing parts of screen within the app, draw a circle/rectangle around that part of the screen
      • To turn off the accelerometer (e.g. automatic screen orientation when the iPad is turned portrait to landscape), slide the Motion slider to OFF
      • To turn off touch and prevent students from interacting with the iPad, slide the Touch slider to OFF
      • Tap Start in the top right corner
    End Guided Access for an App
    • While you are in Guided Access for an app, triple-click the Home button.
    • Enter the passcode you selected when you set up Guided Access.
    • Notice that you can tap Resume in the top right corner to resume Guided Access for this app.
    • Tap End in the top left corner to end Guided Access for this app.
    Turn Off (Completely Disable) Guided Access
    • Tap Settings
    • Tap General
    • Tap Accessibility
    • Under Learning, tap Guided Access
    • Slide the Guided Access slider to OFF
    • The next time you want to use Guided Access, you will be prompted to set up a new Guided Access passcode.
Last Modified on March 3, 2017