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    Practice. Learn. Succeed
    ScootPad is an online learning platform for students to practice common core standards in Math & Reading. Teachers & Parents gain in-depth progress & proficiency insights. Kids love practicing and submitting homework using ScootPad. ScootPad is FREE and ad-free!
    Personalized & Differentiated Learning
    Create any number of classrooms/groups to align students with their appropriate proficiency grade levels and enable differentiated learning/practice.
    Create an Account
    Adjust your Settings
    From the Dashboard, you can:
    Add a Class or Group
    Add Students
    Print Student Sign in Cards or
    Print Parent invitation letters
    To see the progress of your students, click on the Reports icon on the left navigation.
    You can also analyze one student's progress by clicking on the magnifying glass by their name.
    scootpad curriculum graphic Curriculum:
    You can adjust the Math and Reading Curriculm you want your students to receive. Click on the Curriculum icon on the left navigation.
    Switch between Math and Reading at the top by your avator.
    Select units by clicking the drop down.
    If you want to remove an objective, click in the Remove box, scroll down and click the blue Remove button.
    Add curriculum from other grade levels by clicking the large orange button called, "Add Concepts."
Last Modified on November 13, 2012