• 1.2 iPad Use Agreement  
    DIRECTIONS: Please review the agreement below and be certain you understand what each statement means. If you have questions or need clarification, please put a request into Eduphoria HelpDesk.

    Prior to receiving their GISD issued iPad, teachers and staff were required to electronically sign an iPad Use Agreement. All staff who received iPads were also furnished with a paper copy of the agreement. You may download another copy of the agreement by clicking here.
    I understand and agree to abide by the following:

    • Georgetown Independent School District is issuing me an iPad for use in teaching and learning.
    • The Georgetown ISD Technology Responsible Use Policy for Employees applies to my use of this equipment at all times.
    • I can use the iPad both within and outside of the physical school district, but because the iPad is intended for teaching and learning, I must bring it to my classroom every school day.
    • I am responsible for the appropriateness of the content accessed with and stored on my iPad.
    • I will follow district instructions for setting up an Apple ID tied to my district email account.
    • I will log into the App Store, iTunes, or another app that requires an Apple ID using only the Apple ID that is tied to my district email account.
    • I will not use my personal Apple ID (if I have one) on my GISD-issued iPad, and I will not use my GISD Apple ID on my personal iPad or other device
    • I will not allow anyone else use their Apple ID to log into the App Store, iTunes, or another app that requires an Apple ID on my iPad.
    • I will not connect my GISD-issued iPad to or sync it with a non-GISD computer.
    • I will not attempt to rename the iPad or remove/bypass software that has been installed on the iPad for the purpose of monitoring it on the GISD network.
    • I will not attempt to wipe the contents of the iPad.
    • Damage to or theft of the iPad must be discussed with administration and will be covered at the district’s discretion. I will report damage to or the theft of my iPad immediately to designated district personnel.
    • When requested by the district, or upon my separation as an employee of the district, I agree to return this iPad and case to designated district personnel in the same condition it was issued to me, less reasonable wear.
    • If I fail to return the iPad and case upon request or upon separation as an employee of the district, I understand that the cost of replacing the iPad and case at the time I fail to return it will be deducted from my paycheck. The costs for replacement as of May 2014 are listed below, but are subject to change.
      • iPad - $383.00
      • iPad Mini - $299.00
      • AC Adapter/Power Brick (plugs into wall) - $17.50
      • USB Sync/Charge Cable (plugs into iPad) - $17.50
      • Pleather iPad Cover - $39.99
      • OtterBox Defender for iPad - $50.00
      • OtterBox Defender for iPad Mini - $37.88
      • Apple iPad Mini Smart Cover - $36.00

     Next After reviewing the agreement above, please proceed to section 1.3 Basic iPad Parts and Controls.


Last Modified on August 16, 2014