• 1.4 Powering an iPad On and Off
    DIRECTIONS: Please view the video below to learn how and when to power on, put to sleep, wake up, and power off an iPad. Then, read the information below the video about rebooting an unresponsive iPad.

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    Turning off an Unresponsive iPad
    iPads do not freeze often, but if yours does, follow the steps below to reboot it. Do not do this unless your iPad has frozen up completely and you have no other option.
    • Simultaneously press and hold the Power button on the top right edge of the iPad AND the Home button at the bottom of the screen.
    • When the screen goes black, let go of the buttons. You have successfully turned off your iPad.
    • To power the iPad back on, simply hold down the power button until the Apple logo appears.

    Below you will find the same information that was covered in the video, but in text format. You may review the information if you wish.
    After viewing the video above and optionally reviewing the information below, please proceed to section 1.5 Charging the iPad.

    Read the information below if you would like to review the basics of powering the iPad on and off and putting it to sleep. 
    Turn On (Power On) the iPad
    • Press the Power button on the top right edge of the iPad.
    • A silver apple logo will appear on the screen as the iPad turns on.
    • The iPad is powered on when you see a number of square icons (apps) on your screen. 
    Turn Off (Power Off) the iPad
    • Press and hold the Power button on the top right edge of the iPad.
    • When you see the Slide to Power Off button, slide the slider to the right.
    • The screen goes black, and your iPad is now turned off.
    Put iPad in Sleep/Standby Mode
    • Press the Power button quickly one time.
    • Your screen goes black, and the iPad is now in sleep mode.
    Wake up iPad from Sleep/Standby Mode
    • Press the Power button quickly one time, and Slide to Unlock.
    • OR
    • Press the Home button one time, and Slide to Unlock.
    Power Off or Sleep/Standby?
    • When should I put my iPad to sleep?  Sleep/standby mode conserves the battery while you are not using your iPad.  Put your iPad to sleep when you are not using it for a short time. Generally less than an hour.
    • When should I power off/turn off my iPad?  Power off/turn off your iPad when you are finished using it for the day or when it is going to be more than an hour before you use it again.

    If you have viewed the video at the top of the page and optionally reviewed the information in text above, please proceed to section 1.5 Charging the iPad. 

Last Modified on August 3, 2014