• Setting Up your Mimio Vote
    1. Remove plastic covers and pull white tabs from remotes
    2. Place remotes on the charging station. They will auto-number themselves.
    3. Plug in the Charging Station.  The Charging station must be plugged in during MimioVote sessions to view and navigate the MimioVote toolbar.
    4. Connect the Mimio Hub (USB adaptor) to your computer. Note: If you are sharing the MimioVotes with other classrooms, store the hub on the charging station when not in use.
    5. Troubleshooting Amber light on the Vote tray: The light should be green if it is connecting correctly.
      • Press and hold the Power LED button on the MimioVote charging station until it begins to blink.
      • Open Mimio Notebook
      • Select the Tools menu, then select Settings
      • Select Classroom Devices- the MimioVote should show as Available under the Status column.
      • Select MimioVote from the list and then select the Connect button. The MimioVote status should change to Connected.
Last Modified on March 20, 2013