• Mimio Vote:  Creating Polling Activities
    1. Open MimioStudio Notebook on your desktop.
    2. Select the Gallery tool on the toolbar.
    3. Expand the Questions and Results category.
    4. Double click or drag the question template onto the MimioStudio Notebook work area.
    5. Type the question, answer choices, and select the gray radio button next to the correct answer. To move the questions click and drag the blue outline. Resize using the corner handles.
    6. Results Charts can also be added to the page which shows how many students chose each option.
    7. To modify a question object:
      • Click the sunshine icon at the bottom-right of the question object you want to modify.
      • The question object properties appear.
      • In the question object properties, you can do any of the following:
      • To change the question type, select an available question type.
      • To change the correct answer animation, select an available animation.
      • To change the weight of the question, enter the weight for the question in the weight box.
      • Click the green check to save your changes and display the question object.
Last Modified on March 20, 2013