• Mimio Vote:  Creating a Self-Paced Vote Activity

    A Self Paced MimioVote Activity allows the instructor to print the test or activity questions for the students who will then begin and answer the questions at their own pace.

    1. Select a Class from the drop down menu on the MimioVote tool bar.
    2. Click on the Print Test button to print student copies of the test or activity.
    3. Select the Start Test button to open the testing.
    4. Click the blue button with the green arrow to start the test and begin the timer.
    5. A student with a question may press the ? on their pad. The teacher will see their Pad # on the screen. To clear the question the student may press the ? again.
    6. Students may scroll through the questions using the arrow keys and select answers, and press the blue star to submit test answers.
    7. Teachers can keep track of how many students have completed the assignment.
    8. The Teacher will click the blue button with the MimioVote pad to stop the testing session.
Last Modified on March 20, 2013