• Mimio Vote:  Using Quick Vote

    Using the MimioStudio Quick Vote, you can present questions that you did not previously create in Notebook at any time during a Teacher-Led activity.

    To ask a question using Quick Vote:

    1. On the toolbar, click the Applications icon, and then choose Quick Vote.
    2. Select the class that will participate in the activity from the Class list.
    3. Click Start Polling icon, and then choose the question type to start polling for the question. When all students have responded, polling for the question stops.
    4. To stop polling for a question before all students have responded, click Stop Polling icon.
    5. Click the letter that corresponds to the correct answer for the question.
    6. The results for the current question are saved to the MimioStudio Gradebook along with a screen shot.
Last Modified on March 20, 2013