• 2.1 How to Care for the iPad  
    DIRECTIONS: Please review the information below to understand how to keep your iPad in good working condition and prevent its loss due to theft.
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    Screen Precautions
    iPad Screen Shot
    • Always keep iPad in a protective case. The corners and edges of the iPad and screen are
    •  the most vulnerable spots, so using a case that protects those areas is best practice.
    • Use only a clean, soft lint-free cloth to clean the screen. The kind of cloth you use for eyeglasses works really well.
    • Do not use liquid cleansers of any type or compressed air.
    • Do not lean on top of the iPad or stack anything on top of it.
    • Do not put anything near or on the iPad that could put pressure on the screen.
    • Do not place iPad in a book bag, backpack, or carrying case with anything that will press against or put pressure on the iPad or screen.
    General Precautions

    • Always keep iPad in a protective case.
    • Insert and remove cords and cables carefully to prevent damage.
    • Do not add any writing, drawing, stickers, labels, or etchings to the iPad or its case.
    • Do not leave your iPad, charging brick, or charging cable unattended in any area where they can be mistakenly picked up or stolen by someone else
    • Do not leave your iPad plainly visible inside a parked automobile.
    • If the iPad is left for too long in a hot environment, permanent damage may occur. Do not put iPad near a heat source or leave it somewhere where it might become overheated, such as in an automobile on a hot day.  
      • iPad is designed to function between 32 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. If a temperature warning screen ever appears or iPad will not power on after being in an environment that is excessively hot, move iPad to a cooler location out of heat or sunlight and wait at least 30 minutes while iPad re-regulates its internal temperature before attempting to use it again.

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Last Modified on August 16, 2014