• Here are a few helpful math links. I will be adding more periodically.
    For reteaching concept videos, khan academy or youtube  are helpful.
    EOC REVIEW LINK (Problems/videos)  https://www.angletonisd.net/Page/3276
     If you need help with graphing inequalities on a coordinate plane. Go to:  http://www.mathplanet.com/education/algebra-1/linear-inequalitites/linear-inequalities-in-two-variables
    Angry Birds "Parabola" Quadradic Function Activity  !!Very Fun!!                                http://www.teachmathematics.net/page/16049/angry-birds-1
     For a fun Parabola game go to: http://phet.colorado.edu/sims/projectile-motion/projectile-motion_en.html
    To Find a Parabola with its Picture: http://www.teachmathematics.net/page/7793/modelling-quadratics 
     This is an excellent resource for Definitions & Examples:
    Use your Student Login with a in front of it from school to access Think Through Math at Home:
    This website lets you interact with the formulas you might use in class.
    Here is a great website for virtual manipulatives. Great integers manipulatives!
    For a great reteaching concepts tool use: