• 3.7, 3.8. 3.9,  & 3.10: App Organization
    DIRECTIONS: Please view the video below to learn about how to manage the apps on an iPad. You will get the most benefit out of the video if you watch it on a computer while practicing the techniques demonstrated in the video. You can pause and review any section of the video as needed.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: The instructor in the video uses the term "Home Row" for the apps that stay anchored at the bottom of the iPad screen. The more common term you will hear/see in other documentation is "Dock", which is the official Apple term.

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     After viewing the video above, you may wish to review the skills covered by reviewing the information below.
    Move an App on The Same Screen
    • Tap and hold the app icon on the screen until all the icons start to wiggle.
    • Drag the app to the position where you want it.
    • Press the Home button to stop the wiggling.
    Adding Apps to the Dock
    The Dock is the area at the bottom of the iPad screen where the icons stay the same no matter what screen you are on. It is a good idea to put your most frequently used apps here. You can have up to 6 apps in your dock. You can store more apps in the doc if you create folders on the dock.
    • Tap and hold an app icon on the home screen until all the icons start to wiggle.
    • Drag the app down into the dock.
    • Press the Home button to stop the wiggling.
    Moving Apps from One Screen to Another
      • Touch and hold the icon of the app until the icons start to wiggle.
      • Drag the app so that it overhangs the edge of the screen on the right or the left, depending on which screen you are moving it to.
      • After a moment, the screen changes and you can drop your app onto the screen or into a folder.
      • Press the Home button to stop the wiggling. 


      • Keep one space free in your dock by having no more than five apps or folders on it.
      • Touch and hold the icon of the app you want to move until the app icons start wiggling.
      • Drag the app on to the dock and release it.
      • Swipe to the screen you want the app to be on.
      • Drag the app you are moving from the dock to the screen.
      • Press the Home button to stop the wiggling. 
    Create Folders to Organize Apps
      • Touch and hold the icon of the app you want to put into a folder until the icons start to wiggle.
      • Drag the app you want to "folderize" on top of another app you want in the same folder.
      • This creates a folder, and the iPad automatically names the folder. You can change the folder name while the apps are wiggling.
      • Add more apps to the new folder by dragging them on top of the folder. (Icons must still be wiggling.) 
      • Press the Home button to stop the wiggling.
      • To remove apps from folders, touch and hold an app icon to make the icons wiggle. Then, drag the app you want to remove out of the folder it is in. 
      Delete an App from your iPad
      • Tap and hold the app you wish to delete until it starts to wiggle.
      • Tap and hold the X to delete the app.
      • Press the Home button to stop the wiggling.

      Closing Open/Running Apps
      When you click on the Home Button, the app you were in remains open on the device in the background. It's important to occasionally close these apps to free up memory on your iPad and save battery life. To see which apps you have open, follow these steps:
      • Double tap the Home button (or swipe up with four fingers. Your iPad home screen will "fade out" and the Multitasking Bar will apper at the bottom of the screen and screen previews of all open apps will apear in the middle of the screen.
      • If you want to completely close an app, swipe its screen preview up to "throw it off" the top off the iPad screen.
      • Swipe left in the Multitasking Bar at the bottom of your screen to view more apps that are open.
      • Double tap the Home button (or swipe down with four fingers) to close the Multitasking Bar and return to your normal home screen

      Congratulations! You have completed all of the activities in iPad Basic Training for Teachers - Module 3: App Management.
      Please click the link below to access the end-of-module survey for Module 3. You must complete and submit the survey to receive credit for Module 3. You will receive credit in Eduphoria within approximately one week after completing the survey.
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