2023-2024 Participants

    Let’s continue the East View Patriot tradition. This award helps students understand the importance of their civic responsibility and affords them the opportunity to give something back to their community. This project culminates in the privilege of wearing a silver cord with regalia at graduation. Participation in this project may also be beneficial for college entrance and scholarships; it would be a positive addition to one's resume. This program is not in conjunction with any service programs involving scholarships or any hours that began before June 1st, 2023.  This is NOT a requirement for graduation.


    Go HERE to complete your notice of intent to indicate that you plan to participate in the program.   This can be done any time up until the end of the first semester of your senior year. 
    Direct your evaluators to go HERE to fill out your evaluation.  You can copy the link and send it to them so that they can complete the evaluation.
    Class of 2024:  Click HERE to verify that your hours have been recorded.  
    **Note:  You may keep track of your hours any way you like, but each evaluator must complete the Google form above to confirm your hours.**

     The requirements for completing the project and earning the silver cord are as follows:

    • You must complete a minimum of 50 hours total.
    • You must volunteer for at least two and no more than four locations.
    • A minimum of 25 hours must be done for ONE location.
    • Volunteer hours must be done OUTSIDE of regular school hours.     
    • You cannot be paid for volunteer work
    • Volunteer work MUST be for non-profit or strictly service oriented organizations such as hospitals or nursing homes.  Simply working for free (baby sitting for relatives working at your job without pay) does NOT count as service hours.
    • Several tasks at the same location count as ONE location (ex. If you work concession stands, tutorials, and as a teacher's aide on your own time, you still have only one location—high school)
    • You must have an evaluation form completed for each location.
    • Your parents/guardians may not be your evaluators.
    • It is YOUR responsibility to confirm that hours have been recorded (You should ask for an email or other proof that your evaluators have submitted the Google form.  Check with Mrs. Scholtz if you believe hours have been submitted but not recorded.)
    • All hours must begin no earlier than June 1st and must be submitted by the day before spring break.
    • Try to get your hours completed over the summer. Your senior year will be busier than you think.
    • You can contact Mrs. Scholtz by email with any questions. (scholtzt@georgetownisd.org)


    **Parents, please remind your children to take care of these things on their own.  Please understand that communication regarding this optional program should be led by your children.  If your children have questions, they should see me.**