• Welcome to Aquatic Science!  
    Course Description: Students in Aquatic Science investigate the biodiversity of salt water and fresh water organisms, including their interactions with the physical and chemical environment. The unique characteristics of aquatic organisms, abiotic and biotic components of aquatic environments, aquatic resources and the human impact to these ecosystems will also be examined. 

    Aquatic Science Course Syllabus Outline

    Semester I

    Unit 1 - History of Oceanography on the "Water Planet"

    Unit 2 –Understanding Water: Water Chemistry and Fluid Dynamics

    Unit 3 – Mapping World Water: Plate Tectonics and Maps

    Unit 4 – Watersheds

    Unit 5 – Aquatic Ecosystems Part 1: Aquifers, Springs, Lakes & Ponds

    Unit 6-Aquatic Ecosystems Part 2


      Semester 2 

      Unit 7- Ocean Topography

      Unit 8-Currents and Climate

      Unit 9-Waves & Tides

      Unit 10-Global Water and the Weather 
      Unit 11- Ecology
      Unit 12-Aquatic Plants and Animals

      Conclusion: Aquatics & Human Impact