• Responsible Use of Technology in GISD

     Digital Citizenship
    Technology is integrated throughout the work and learning days of employees and students, and responsible use of technologies goes hand-in-hand with the privilege of technology access.
    Below you will find official district policies which cover the responsible use of technology by employees and students, as well as official internet safety policy and web publishing regulations. All employees and students agree to follow these policies by virtue of their association with the school district.
    As an employee, it is important that you be familiar with and folow these policies. If you are a teacher, it is important that you hold your students to the standards of these policies through modeling responsible use and requiring your students to practice responsible use of technology for learning,  regardless of whether the technology is district owned or personally owned.
    GISD's responsible use policies are built on the foundation of the Digital Citizenship. You can read more about this concept at www.digitialcitizenship.net.

Technology Policies

Last Modified on September 17, 2018