Maire Beth Mallard RTR

  • Maire Beth Mallard

    Health Science in Theory and Practicum , Grades 9 - 12

    Contact numbers: 512.943.5100 x7343 

    GISD email:

    Conference times: 3A and 5 every day

    Each class has a Google Classroom with class content and directions.

    My Education & Teaching Background

    My background started in medicine. I have 12 years of experience in the medical field based in Radiology. I have an Associates of Applied Science in Radiology as well as a Bachelor's of Science in Radiologic Science from Midwestern State University.  I have been teaching Health Science since 2010. I believe that learning is a life long process. I am very excited to engage high school students and guide them in their journey toward the healthcare industry. 

    Class/Course Information 

    Health Science Technology courses belong to Careers and Technology Education. This pathway allows students to investigate healthcare and the related careers. Each class is designed to build on the class before it. The classes lay a foundation in anatomy, medical terminology and interpersonal communication skills for executing excellent patient care. Students in Health Science Practicum I have the opportunity to spend time at the hospital and at local Georgetown nursing homes.


    A DAY                                   B DAY
    1A-Practicum                        1B -Practicum
    2A -HS Theory                      2B -Practicum
    3A- Conference                     3B - HS Theory
    4A -HS Theory                      4B - HS Theory
    5A- Conference                     5B - Conference
    Phone: 512-943-5100 x 7343
    Degrees and Certifications: Assoc. of Applied Science in Radiologic Science
    Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Science
    AHA CPR Instructor