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    Antonio Matta

    Spanish For Heritage Students 

     East View High school
    Phone: (512)943-1800 x8224


    2020-2021 Schedule
    A Day 
    1st - Conference
    2nd - Spanish 3 PAP Heritage
    3rd - Spanish 3 PAP Heritage 
    4th - Spanish 2 AP Heritage 
    8th - Baseball
    B Day 
    1st - Conference
    5th - Conference
    6th - Spanish 2 PAP Heritage 
    7th - Spanish 4 AP Heritage
    8th - Baseball


     In my class Students will:

    • Become more familiar with the culture and geography of the Spanish-speaking world. 
    • Listen, speak, read, and write in Spanish on an intermediate and/or advanced level using correct grammar.
    • Prepare themselves for real world experiences using Spanish (mainly through projects).
    • Be familiar with the AP themes and vocabulary that applies to each theme.
    • Be able to present college level information in both written and oral forms.

    Education & Teaching Background

    Graduated from Tarleton State University.  22 years of experience teaching Spanish at the secondary level.