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Mrs. Lori Barker - 8th Grade Mathematics and Geometry PAP

I graduated from Sam Houston State University with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. After teaching 7th grade math for one year in Cleveland, I taught grade 7 math through AP Calculus for 9 additional years in Bartlett.  I left the classroom in May of 2002 to stay home with my son, although I did stay in education by writing for Teacher Created Materials.

This year marks my tenth year at Benold and I could not be more excited.  I am ready to challenge each and every one of my students to learn not only the specific material expected but to develop the curiosity and thinking skills necessary of mathematicians.

I am here because each student is worth the time and effort it takes to help that person reach his or her dreams - not just in math but in all that is ahead.  Mathematics is amazing, and the doors it can open are endless.  Each person deserves to have the opportunity to explore all that mathematics can offer.

Phone:  (512) 943-5090 X6982   E-mail:

Conference:  8th period


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    Mrs. Lori Barker - Mathematics (8th grade Mathematics, 8th grade Geometry)
    Benold Middle School
    Phone: 943-5090 x 6982
    Email:  (Email is the best way to reach me)


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    Your textbook may be found online.  The online version not only contains the contents of the regular book.  It contains videos and self-check practices that some find to be helpful.
    To log in to your textbook:
    Go to  Classlink  
    Choose ConnetEd 
    Google Classroom
    I use Google Classroom to remind students of assignments, projects, tests, or anything else needed. It is the key resource for finding documents and links needed for class.
    Use Classlink to log in to Google Classroom.  Students will be given the code and the code will remain available in the classroom throughout the year.  If needed, students may also email me for the class code.
    Daily Math Supplies (bring to class with you every day unless otherwise told)
    Please contact the office at 512-943-5090 if you need help with supplies

    -Chromebook (available by the district)

    -Notebook Paper

    -Graph Paper (Quad filler sheets)

    -Pencils (bring at least 2 sharpened pencils to class every day) 

    -100 Page College Ruled Composition Book.  Please expect to replace this with a second composition book in the spring semester.

    -1 ½ inch 3 ring binder (to take to all classes)

    -Earbuds or headphones for use with Chromebooks

    -Highlighters ( multiple colors)

    -Pencil sharpener that catches the shavings


    -Calculator for home use


    1st period - Geometry
    2nd period - Math 8
    3rd period - Content

    4th period - Math 8
    5th period - Math 8
    6th period - Math 8
    7th period - Advisory
    8th period - Conference
     STAAR for Math 8 Students
    Math 8 students take the 8th grade STAAR test.
    STAAR for Geometry Students
    8th grade Geometry students take the 8th grade STAAR test.