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About Board goals + the Framework for School Board Development

The board of trustees is the governing body for Texas public schools. To effectively meet the challenges of public education, school boards and superintendents must function together as a governing team. As a team, they will focus on the improvement of locally developed student outcomes and provide support for opportunities and experiences through vision and goals, systems and processes, progress and accountability, advocacy and engagement, and synergy and teamwork. Teams ensure that their districts provide equitable and effective educational programs and services for all students. The Framework for School Board Development has been approved by the State Board of Education to provide the critical areas of development for all public school boards.

The History Behind Board Goals

In 2018, the GISD Board of Trustees refined its process to identify and set priorities aligned to the district's Strategic Plan and reflecting the organization's beliefs. Since that time, the process has evolved to include frequent updates on the district’s progress toward each annual target and yearly reviews of the goals with an opportunity for the board to make adjustments to, add to, or delete from their goals. Goals are set for a period of five years and reviewed annually for progress. These goals, along with the district’s strategic plan, inform decisions around the work of the district. Regular updates are provided during board workshops and will be shared on this site.