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Dual Credit through UT OnRamps



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OnRamps Dual Enrollment Courses


Georgetown ISD offers OnRamps dual enrollment courses to students—giving them access to high-quality, college-level courses early in their academic careers.


Established by the University of Texas at Austin in 2011, OnRamps reduces barriers to higher education for students by introducing them to the expectations of a college course within the familiarity of their high school classroom. In addition to learning effective study habits, gaining independence, and developing key interpersonal communication skills; students are also eligible for the opportunity to earn college credit.


Georgetown ISD offers the following OnRamps courses (click for more information)


Watch this video to learn more about OnRamps students sharing their experience 



OnRamps students are enrolled in two separate courses: a high school course taught by a Georgetown ISD teacher—who receives yearlong, research-based professional learning and development on the most effective techniques and technologies used in classrooms today—and an online, distance college course taught by a faculty member or college “Instructor of Record.” 


Students receive separate grades for the high school and college courses. The work and grades between the high school course and college course are kept separate and do not influence the other. In both courses, students are challenged with rigorous content, encouraged to take ownership of their learning, and prepared with the skills they need to support their transition beyond high school.



Students can earn transferable college credit through their OnRamps course. To be eligible for the opportunity to earn college credit, students must meet a minimum grade requirement in their college course or meet minimum scores on the TSI, TSIA 2.0, ACT, or SAT.


Students who earn college credit have the choice to accept or decline the credit based on their college goals. Accepted credits will appear on an official university transcript with the final college letter grade, which may factor into a student’s college GPA depending on the college’s policies. Students who decline credit will not have a university transcript and declining credit has no impact on a student’s financial aid status.


College credits earned with a grade of C- or above that fulfill Core Curriculum requirements are required by law to transfer to any public colleges or universities in Texas. Private and out-of-state colleges and universities have also accepted credit transfers, based on their varying policies. More information on college credit can be found on the OnRamps website.



OnRamps courses give students the opportunity to experience college before college! Students are not required to complete a placement assessment (such as TSI) or application to enroll in any OnRamps course, though they may have to complete a prerequisite course or two to ensure they are fully prepared for the material. Click on the course names above for more information on any required prerequisites.