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The UIL is the most comprehensive academic competition in our nation, and GISD students compete at every level annually. Each campus in GISD has a UIL coordinator, so for more information regarding the events and coaches of events on your student’s campus, contact your campus UIL coordinator directly.

The image shows the UIL symbol with photos in the background of maps, spelling, art, music, dictionary skills, and writing

Helpful Questions & Answers

Question: Why should students participate in UIL?  Answer

Question: What elementary contests are available?  Answer

Question: What high school contests are available?  Answer

Question: What are the rules regarding UIL eligibility?  Answer


District Contact: Jordan Coetzee-Folks, Advanced Academics Coordinator    Email:


Carver Elementary School

UIL Coordinator: Tammy Smith    Email: 


Cooper Elementary School

UIL Coordinator: Cheryl Zalk    Email: 


Ford Elementary School

UIL Coordinator: Caitlin Pitkethley    Email:


Frost Elementary School

UIL Coordinator: DeDe Harper    Email: 


McCoy Elementary School

UIL Coordinator: Jodie Hoadley   Email: 


Mitchell Elementary School

UIL Coordinator: Kristi Bruton   Email:


Purl Elementary School

UIL Coordinator: Jeanna Jones    Email:


Village Elementary School

UIL Coordinator: Stacy Glenn    Email:


Williams Ranch Elementary School

UIL Coordinator: Kaoni Norris    Email: 


Wolf Ranch Elementary School

UIL Coordinator: Lisa Cantu    Email:


Benold Middle School

UIL Coordinator: Michelle Champion    Email:


Forbes Middle School

UIL Coordinator: Amy Reid    Email: 


Tippit Middle School

UIL Coordinator: Emily Rios    Email: 


Wagner Middle School

UIL Coordinator: Michael Sinclair    Email:


East View High School

UIL Coordinator: Georganne Upchurch    Email:


Georgetown High School

UIL Coordinator: Wes Collman    Email: