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For Vendors

Effective May 17, 2021, the Georgetown ISD Purchasing Office began using an online electronic procurement system called “eBid.” This electronic procurement system allows the Purchasing Office to maintain information about registered vendors and the goods and/or services they want to sell to the District.  If you wish to receive electronic notification of bid opportunities that meet your company’s profile and expertise, please register online for this service. There is no charge to register.
Online Bidding
eBid Vendors interested in responding to a Solicitation can submit a response online by simply going online through the eBidding system and providing the required documentation. The Georgetown ISD Purchasing Office is eliminating paper Solicitations.
Note: Registering your company in eBid is only the beginning of successfully selling your goods and services to the District.
All notifications of bid opportunities will be sent to the e-mail address supplied by you. In the event of a change in your company's e-mail address, contact person, address, phone, etc., it is important to also change it in eBidding. Otherwise your company will not receive notifications and the opportunity for bid submission will be lost. It is the company's responsibility to ensure their account is up to date.  The District is not responsible for maintaining the accuracy of vendor's accounts. We also encourage you to include more than one company “User” when you register. This will ensure that at least one person in your company receives bid notifications.
Notification of Bid Opportunities 
eBidding electronically notifies those registered vendors of Georgetown ISD bid opportunities that are relevant to their business and it allows interested Vendors to electronically submit their bids to the Purchasing Office for evaluation.
eBidding Assistance
Questions on the eBid system or help on using the system may be directed to the Purchasing Department at 512-946-5000. Answers to your questions are available during any day of the workweek.    

Please take a moment to complete our 5 question survey to help us improve our service.

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