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Animal Bite Guidelines

All animal bites, including dogs and cats, should be reported to animal control (even if this is a family-owned animal).  Animal species vary in their likelihood of having and transmitting rabies. 

Some animals are “low- risk” for rabies. These include opossums, shrews, moles, squirrels, gophers, mice, rabbits, rats, and armadillos.

Some animal species in Texas are considered “high risk” for rabies transmission. These include bats, coyotes, foxes, raccoons, and skunks.

The Local Rabies Control Authority (LRCA) and the student’s physician will determine the need for rabies care/prophylaxis.

Within the City of Georgetown limits, call the non-emergency police number (512-930-3510 #6).  Elsewhere in Williamson County, call 512-864-8332.  

If you have an SRO, they can call dispatch for you and ask to have animal control contact you directly.

Immediate First Aid:

  1. Wash bite with soap and water (flush wound with water if it’s a new bite x 2-3 minutes)
  2. Dress wound with a dry, sterile dressing (apply pressure if needed to control bleeding)
  3. Notify parent of injury, care, and that you reported the bite to animal control 
  4. Recommend parent take student to their doctor or ER for additional care (wound care and tetanus vaccination if needed) and to discuss the risk of rabies exposure
  5. Document the care and report (include the officer’s name and any pertinent information)

If the bite occurred outside of Williamson County, you still need to report the bite.  Call the animal control or non-emergency police department number in the town, city, county where the bite occurred.

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