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Child Find


What is Child Find?

Child Find is the process by which districts and public charter schools identify and locate children needing evaluation. All children birth-21 with disabilities or suspected of having a disability, regardless of the severity of their disabilities, and who are in need of special education and related services, must be identified, located, and evaluated. 


Who can be a part of Child Find? 

• Any child aged birth-21 with a disability or suspected of having a disability

• Anyone concerned about a child can contact the Child Find representative for additional information and next steps. 

• Districts are responsible for finding all students, including those parentally placed in private schools, children who are homeschooled and children who are homeless. 

• Public charter schools are responsible for finding all students, including those who become homeless during enrollment. 


Disabilities & Services 

• If a student qualifies for district/charter special education services, these services are provided at no cost. 

• Children are evaluated to determine the presence of one or more of the following disabilities:

• Physical Disability

• Deaf or Hard of Hearing

• Visual Impairment 

• Deaf-Blindness 

• Intellectual Disability 

• Emotional Disturbance 

• Speech and/or Language 

• Autism • Health Impairment

• Traumatic Brain Injury 

• Learning Disability


Who to Contact: 

GISD Child Find                                                                                              


Website: GISD Special Education Webpages


Direct Link to Child find form using QR Code  

Direct Link to Child Find Form Using QR Code

This is a custom app called Staff Directory that is present on the page. Please work with your Implementation Consultant or join a Best Practice Workshop on how to add the content using Composer best practices.


The Special Education Information Center (SPEDTex) provides resources and interactive features for increasing family awareness of disabilities and special education processes, with the goal of improving partnerships between schools and families.

Contact information:

Phone: 1-855-773-3839


Live Chat:


Early Childhood Texas

Find resources and support for you and for your children as they grow and develop.


Parent Companion

A guide for Texas parents and caregivers of children with diagnosed or suspected disabilities from birth through 5 years of age.   You are not alone. We can help.


Project First - How to Get Services

Project First is a TEA website built by parents for parents addressing Special Eduction, Section 504 and Dyslexia.


Child Find Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Webpage from Education Service Center (ESC) 4.


Child Find-Referral to Special Education-Request for Evaluation

Information from SPEDTEX, a TEA-based website about Special Education.  Includes online chat and a direct phone line to employees who specialize in Special Eduction Services. 


Purpose and Goals of Child Find, Evaluation, and ARD Supports Network

From the Texas Education Agency (TEA) website.