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Transition Planning and Services

Transition Planning and Services

What Is Transition Planning?

Transition planning is a process to help students with disabilities decide what they want to do after graduation, such as attend college, join the workforce, live independently, and become involved in the community. It also helps them figure out how to get there. The purpose of transition planning is to help students prepare to be independent young adults and help them move from public school to adult life.

The Transition Plan is required by law for students with a disability by the time the child reaches age 14 (or earlier if needed) and is part of their Individualized Education Program, or IEP.

The transition plan begins with a comprehensive assessment of a student's: 

  • Strengths

  • Preferences

  • Interests

  • Needs 

as they pertain to life after graduation. The results of these assessments lead to the establishment of the student’s postsecondary goals in the areas of: 

  • Education or Training

  • Employment

  • Independent living (if necessary). 

Next, special education teachers, family members, students, and others provide transition services and activities in the areas of:

  • Instruction

  • Community Experiences

  • Employment and Adult Living Skills

  • Daily Living Skills (if necessary)

  • Functional Vocational Evaluation

to assist the student in achieving their goals for after graduation. 

A four year graduation plan with courses of study needed to assist the student in meeting their goals for after graduation is created. Annual IEP goals for the student to work on now to reach their postsecondary goals are also written. 

Finally, the plan is reviewed, at least annually, and updated as needed to ensure student progress.

Why Transition Planning Is Important

All students need guidance in order to make the leap from high school to the next step. Students with disabilities, however, need even more help because their leap is that much greater. The purpose of the transition plan is to better prepare students with disabilities to enter the workplace, continue learning, become as independent as possible, and contribute to society.

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Info for Parents - Mapping Dreams.pdf


Eden Guthrie                                          (512) 943-5000 Ext 6089      GISD Special Education 18+ Services Coordinator / Transition and Employment Designee (TED)

Abbey Kelly                                            (512) 943-5000 ext 6103          GISD Special Education Transition Coordinator

Dawn Jennings                                      (512) 943-5000 ext 6884    GISD Special Education Parent Liaison