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Bus Schedules & Routes

Georgetown ISD utilizes group bus stops for students residing in bus service areas.  The bus service area begins two miles from school.  Where hazards exist, some stops may be within the two-mile zone.  For elementary student riders, stops are targeted to be within 1/4 mile from home with a stop not further than 1/2 mile away.  Middle and high school stops are targeted to be within 1/2 mile with stops not further than 1 mile from home.

Students residing within 2 miles of school are generally ineligible for school bus transportation.

If your child's designated stop exceeds 1/2 mile from home for elementary students or 1 mile for secondary students, please contact GISD Transportation at

Curb-to-curb bus service is provided to special needs students only when it is required by their ARD and where possible.

GISD utilizes the Smart Tag System. Please download the app 
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Parent App Registration
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Parent App Migration - with SMART Locate 

Please register above to receive your student's bus information.

Note: Some bus stops and pick-up times may change, especially during the first six weeks of school, so periodically check your route information to catch any changes. We will also try to notify you of any changes by other means.

Pre-K students must be received at their bus stop by a pre-authorized adult with a picture ID card or the student will be returned to their campus when time allows without effecting follow on routes. If the route does not allow time, dispatch will arrange a meet up point to deliver the child.

 For more information about bus service, schedules, and routes, please contact GISD Transportation at 512-943-5126.