Patriot 2  
    The Patriot swim teams provide an opportunity for young athletes to come together, work on common goals and be aprt of a  competitive swim team. 
    Head Coach: Colleen Frey     
    Assistant Coach: Ginger LaRaia

     Patriot Varsity Swim Team Swimtopia

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    The parent website for athletic physical information is http://georgetownisd.rankonesport.com  The home page will include ALL of the directions for filling out the online form, downloading a copy of the medical history/physical form, and how to submit the form along with catastrophic insurance payment once the physical is complete. If possible try to get this completed before school is out or before the first day of school. Your child will not be able to participate until this is completed and they are cleared by the trainers.

    Swimming and Diving in College: A resource for high school swimmers 

    If you are a high school swimmer interested in continuing competitive swimming into college, this document contains great information on choosing a school, admission requirements, recruitment, scholarships and additional links with more information!