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         This is 10th grade World History.  I am Chris Corley, and this is my 22nd year to teach.  I live in Georgetown with my Wife Amy, Daughter Paighton (Sophomore at EVHS) and Daughter Westlin (8th Grade at Tippit MS).  And of course our 5 dogs, Cat, and 10 Chickens.  
         I will try and have everything on line that the kids need.  From my Power Point presentations, lecture notes, and vocab.  I am really striving to make the kids want to learn World History.  It is ALOT of information, when you are covering the history of the World in one year, but I feel it is the most important subject in school to learn.  We are in the middle of massive Positive Globalization with Global threats at the same time.  This group of kids needs to understand what is going on in the World.  They also need to have a grasp of the History of the different Cultures so they can better understand the way they think and view us.  I am very excited for 2014 and please feel free to Email me with any concerns.

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    10th/World History
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