•                                                 East View FCCLA
                                                      Julia Lanigan
                                                   Chapter Officers
                                             President, Sophia Lopez
                                       Vice President, Arianna Shorey
                                             Secretary, Payton Miller
                                            Treasurer, Diana Zamora
                                           Media Officer, Gia Marasco
                                          The Locker's Reindeer Run 
                                              San Gabriel River Park
                                               Region V Conference
                                              Corpus Christi, Texas
                                                      January 2019
    What is FCCLA?                                                                                                                                                                 
    FCCLA is the only career and technical in-school student
    organization with the family as the central focus.
    Participation in state and national programs and chapter
    activities help members become strong leaders in family,
    careers and communities. 
    What can FCCLA do for you?
    With FCCLA, youth learn how to make a difference in their 
    families, such as leadership, planning, goal setting, problem
    solving, decision-making, and interpersonal communication.