• East View Cross Country Cross Country

    Welcome to the East View High School Cross Country Team!  Summer training starts on June 11th at 7:00 am in San Gabriel Park.  We will meet Monday-Friday at 7:00 am all summer in the park.

    For more info, check out our East View Cross Country website here!

    In-Season Training:
    When: Monday-Friday at 6:15 am  

    Where:  Monday: San Gabriel Park

                   Tuesday-Thursday: East View High School (meet near the locker rooms)


    You MUST have a current physical on file BEFORE you can practice or attend any meets.  Please follow the link and complete all 3 steps for your physical:  http://www.georgetownisd.org/Page/442  


    Proper nutrition is essential to athletic performance as well as good overall health. 
    • Water/Gatorade – The absolute minimum consumed should be 128 ounces per day (that’s one gallon, or 16 eight ounce cups)!  The drinking fountain rule applies for school – If you pass one, take a drink!  Every athlete should have a water bottle with them at all times! 
    • A balanced meal of complex carbohydrates, meats, vegetables, fruits, and fluids is best.
    • Athletes should eat before and after every workout and race.  Eat something light before morning workouts, such as toast with peanut butter and honey, or a banana. 
    • All athletes should eat at least 8 servings of fruit and vegetables each day.
    • During the racing season athletes should refrain from any carbonated drinks.
    • “Junk food” should be eaten in moderation and must never replace the essentials of a healthy, balanced diet.
     Communication between parents, athletes, trainers and coaches is integral to a strong program.  If you would like to discuss how your son or daughter is progressing, please contact Coach Burton at one of the following:

    Contact information

    Mike Burton / burtonM@georgetownisd.org / 512-943-1800 x8180