Welcome to 4th Grade! 

    We are thrilled to begin our year together with you! We will work hard and have fun, while finding our leadership voice. We will become stronger mathematicians, readers, writers, scientists, and historians.



    Class Information

    The 4th grade is an exciting time as your child takes on more responsibility for their learning and personal growth! We look forward to building upon the academic, social, and leadership skills from last year. We use a growth mindset approach to understand our strengths as well as areas of improvement; we encourage service to others, and seek to inspire learning in and out of the classroom. If you have any questions or concerns throughout the year, do not hesitate to email or call us. Your partnership is vital to the success of your child! 

    Class Schedule



     Breakfast: Welcome to School

    7:55 - 8:05

     Good Things, Morning Meeting

     8:05 - 8:55


     8:55 - 10:15

     Block 1

     10:15 - 11:15

     Personalized Learning Time (PLT)

     11:15 - 11:30

     Block 2 (start)

     11:30 - 12:00


     12:00 - 12:30


     12:35 - 1:40

     Block 2 (finish)

     1:45 - 3:05

     Block 3


     Dismissal: Have a great day!

    General Guidelines

    Absences and tardiness: Please have your child to school by 7:40 AM, ready for class.  The tardy bell rings at 7:55 AM.  

    When your child is absent, it is their responsibility to collect and return make-up work in a timely manner. A written excuse is required for all absences. See GISD Grading Guidelines regarding excused and unexcused absences.      

    Conferences: We love to hear from our Frost families! Please email or call us with any concerns and questions; we will do our very best to get back to you within 24 hours. Nothing is too big or too small for us to work out together! 

    Karen Eden: edenk@georgetownisd.org EXT 6216 

    Angie McDonald mcdonalda@georgetownisd.org EXT 6245

    Robert Meyer: meyerr@georgetownisd.org EXT 6240

    Our official conference time is from 8:05 - 8:55, Monday - Friday; however, we are happy to work out another time if that is not convenient for you. Please call or email us to set up an appointment.
    Grades:  We encourage you to sign-up for Skyward Family & Student Access. It is a wonderful way to keep up with your child’s grades and attendance.

    Tuesday Folders:  Each Tuesday, your child will bring home folders that contain graded work and important letters from class and school. Please review the paperwork and return the empty folder on Wednesday. We appreciate your cooperation in helping teach responsibility to your 4th grader!   

    Water Bottles: Students are strongly encouraged to bring their own water bottles each day. All water bottles MUST have a non-spill cap. 

    Masks: If your student chooses to wear a  mask, please ensure that it is clean.

    Notes and Money:  Send all money in a sealed envelope with both your child’s name and the homeroom teacher's name on it. Your child is responsible for turning it in to the classroom teacher.    

    Transportation: If you need to change your child’s method of transportation home, please send a note AND call the front office at 512-943-5020 to make arrangements by 1:00 PM that day.  

    If you are unsure of which bus your child takes, please go to the GISD website and look under the FOR PARENTS tab and see BUS SCHEDULES AND ROUTES.  For other questions, you may also call Transportation directly: 512-943-5126.


    Student Expectations

    Students are held to high academic and behavior standards.  These are centered around those laid out in our TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills).

    Behavior: Frost Elementary utilizes Capturing Kids Hearts (CKH) as a positive behavior system.  During the first few weeks of school we will create a classroom social contract of the things we feel are important as a classroom community. Those that do not follow the classroom social contract will go through the behavior system listed below to help them get back on track. 
    Teachers will ask:
    What are you doing?
    What are you supposed to be doing?
    Are you doing it?
    What are you going to do about it?
    What’s going to happen if you do it again?

    Parent Expectations

    ·          Connect on Remind (text @4thfrost to 81010) to keep an open line of communication.

    ·          Read 30 minutes and practice math facts with your child at home daily.

    ·          Review the Tuesday folder.

    ·          Check to see homework and online assignments are completed.

    Together, we will make it a successful year for your scholar!