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    Timothy Boswell 7th grade / Texas History
    Tippit Middle School
    Phone: 943-5040 x 6474
    Email: BoswellT@georgetownisd.org



    About me: 
        I hold BA degrees in both History and Government from The University of Texas at Austin "Hook em!!!" I am a native Austinite and love being from the best state in the Union. Before seeing the light and coming to teaching I was a paramedic in the City of Austin for seventeen years. I have a beautiful wife (Tamara) and two lovely daughters (Michaela and Abigail), and I also enjoy going to the gym, boating, model railroading (see "The Depot" AKA Room 154) and playing the guitar. I have a deep appreciation for the rich history of the great state of Texas and I hope to impart some of that to my students. Did I mention I love trains?

    Class/Course Information:

    7th Grade Texas History Texas History students study all of Texas history with an emphasis on using skills that will prepare them for success in future Pre-AP and AP classes. Students assess issues of change over time as a process. Analysis of primary and secondary sources will aid students in understanding the diversity of interpretations of history. Students will be responsible for reading outside of class. Texas History students study the history of Texas from early times to the present. Students examine the full scope of Texas history, including the cultures of Native Americans living in Texas prior to European exploration and the eras of mission building, colonization, revolution, republic, and statehood. Students will be able to explain the influence of the U.S. Constitution on the Texas Constitution, and examine the rights and responsibilities of Texas citizens. 

    Class Schedule: 2019-2020

    1st Period 7th grade Texas History 8:40-9:31
    2nd Period Content        9:35-10:27
    3rd Advisory 7th grade Texas History                    
    4rd Period Advisory / Lunch 11:27-11:49 / 11:49-12:19
    5th Lunch 7th grade Texas History    Pre AP 12:23-1:15
    6th Period 7th grade Texas History 1:19-2:10
    7th Period 7th grade Texas History    Pre AP 2:14-3:05
    8th Period Team 3:09-4:00
     Tutoring times  Mon-Fri   8:00-8:30