• Mrs. Linda Ferrell

    Hi! My name is Linda Ferrell.  This is my ninth year in education.  I graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Learning and Development degree.  I have lived in Georgetown for 40 years.  My husband and I celebrated our 30th anniversary this year.  We have five kids who have been very influential in helping me grow as a teacher.  I am blessed to be helping dyslexic students grow, learn, and build confidence.


    My Schedule:

    • 1st period   Dyslexia class  8:40-9:31
    • 2nd period  Conference      9:35-10:27
    • 3rd period   Dyslexia class  10:31-11:23
    • 4th period   Team meeting  11:27-12:19
    • 5th period   Dyslexia class  12:23-1:15
    • 6th period   Planning           1:19-2:10
    • 7th period   Dyslexia class   2:14-3:05
    • 8th period   Dyslexia class   3:09-4:00