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Mrs. Ruiz Saberbein


I’m very happy to be your Spanish teacher. Together, you can learn how to communicate with people in a different language, and open the doors to a more successful career in your life. 

  • Class/Course Information 

    Course description:

    Students will increase their skills and knowledge of the Spanish language through listening, reading, speaking, and writing. They will also increase their awareness of the customs, arts, and geography associated with Spanish speaking countries.


    Class Rules and Procedures

    1.     All rules in the student handbook are to be followed without variation.

    2.    Bring class material and completed assignments to class daily.

    3.    Abusive and offensive language is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.  Students will exhibit courtesy and respect toward all other students at all times.  

    4.    Follow my directions for all classroom activities.  LISTEN.


    Academic policies

    1.     MAKE-UP QUIZZES/TESTS and RE-TESTS- Per district policy, students will make up quizzes/tests before or after school, NOT during class time. Any time a student scores a failing grade (69 or below) on a test or major project, that student is allowed to re-take it. The student has 1 calendar week (5 days) to re-take a test. This must be done before or after school, and the student must schedule a time with me for the re-take so that I can have the necessary materials ready. PRE-AP STUDENTS are only allowed to re-test once per 9 weeks per class. (also see student handbook)

    2.    MAKE-UP WORK- If you have been absent, you must check the board or with your teacher when you return. According to district policy, you have 1 day per 1 day absent to make up work.  Previously announced assignments and projects will not be moved to a later date.

    3.    TESTS & QUIZZES- A grammar quiz and a vocabulary quiz will be given for each unit. At least one major test will be given for the chapter. Each chapter has two units. You will need a #2 pencil for tests/quizzes. POP QUIZZES ARE ALWAYS A POSSIBILITY, so be prepared.  



     A  B
     1st Period- Spanish II   1st Period- Spanish II
     2nd Period- Spanish III Hispanohablantes   2nd Period- Spanish II
     3rd Period- Conference  3rd Period- Spanish II
     4th Period- Spanish V AP 4th Period- Spanish II

    5th Period- Spanish III


    5th Period- Spanish III



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