Library Services

  • Georgetown ISD provides library services to students and teachers at all district campuses in state-of-the-art library/media centers.  Each library/media center offers an extensive collection of print and multimedia resources including books, magazines, newspapers, online databases, and devices for online access and research.  All library collections have been specifically selected to support the school's instructional program. Each campus has a certified librarian, and all are members of the Texas Library Connection.  GISD libraries are an integral part of the school's total instructional program.  All are designed to provide support, instruction, and materials to GISD students so that they learn to access, evaluate, and use information from a variety of sources.  All students and staff are welcome to use the libraries for academic, curricular, and instructional support, as well as for recreational reading purposes.

    Georgetown ISD provides access to all campus library catalogs online.  To view materials on each campus and to search the catalog, visit the GISD Library Catalog website

    The following is a list of all campus libraries and librarians.

    Campus Location Librarian Phone Fax
    Carver Elementary Megan Copenhaver 512-943-5073 512-943-5079
    Cooper Elementary Andrea Montecinos 512-943-5063 512-943-5069
    Frost Elementary Carrie Vogler
    512-943-5023 512-943-5029
    Ford Elementary Breka McKinney
    512-943-5183 512-943-5189
    McCoy Elementary Deb Thomas 512-943-5033 512-943-5039
    Mitchell Elementary Tara Guerra 512-943-1823 512-943-1829
    Purl Elementary Amy Simpson 512-943-5083 512-943-5089
    Village Elementary Kristy Davies
    512-943-5143 512-943-5149
    Williams Elementary Minda Egbert 512-943-5163 512-943-5169
    Wolf Ranch Elementary JoAnne Smith 512-943-5053   512-943-5059
    Benold Middle School Dina Urban 512-943-5093 512-943-5099
    Forbes Middle School Molly Fleming 512-943-5153 512-943-5159
    Tippit Middle School Emily Curtis 512-943-5043 512-943-5049
    Wagner Middle School Marcos Vargas 512-943-1833 512-943-1839
    East View High School Jan MacWatters 512-943-1803 512-943-1819
    Georgetown High School Susan Cooper 512-943-5103 512-943-5109