• 4th Grade  


    (From left to right: Ms. Epps, Mrs. Howard, Ms. Henderson, Ms. Tindle, Mrs. Olmstead, Mrs. Smith, Ms. Brady

    The fourth grade team is just "buzzing" with excitement about the upcoming 4th grade year! We are very "sweetly" getting our classes ready for you so that when we start on Thursday, August 17, we will be busy bees getting to know our new "hive"!

    We are excited about working with your children as they embark on an important year in their educational career.  One of our priorities in the 4th grade is to teach your child to be responsible ~ in their work, in their organization, as well as in their actions.  Together, we hope to provide your child with the most beneficial 4th grade experience.  


    When educating the minds of our youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts!

     ~Dalai Lama