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    Hello!!! Welcome to the Purl Music site!!!  My name is Ms. Critides ( kri- TEE- des) or just Ms. C. Music is very good for your child. It is a very good  memory tool and ENHANCES learning. In music your child learns to READ, play, sing, and create music. We also learn to get along with others and communicate as music is a very social art. The world would, indeed, be a sad place without music or arts because it brings  BEAUTY to our lives. Please support the FINE ARTS in Georgetown!


    My Education & Teaching Background

    bullet Bachelor of Music Education from University of North Texas, UNT, in Denton, Tx. Certified in Levels I/II of both Orff and Kodaly Music Training.
    bullet  Masters in ESL/BILINGUAL EDUCATION w Over 20 years of teacher experience, also as a bilingual teacher, a PK teacher, and a High School Spanish Teacher.

     Welcome back for 2018!!!!   Exact program dates and concerts will be up soon.....Come back and check!

    • I can tell you that 3rd and 5th are having concerts together and they will do AN AMERICAN SKETCHBOOK concert in early December.
    • 4th Grade is doing the Alamo and that will be on the last Thursday before Spring Break.
    • 1st and 2nd Grade are doing a HEART AND SOUL concert in Mid February. 
    • And, of course, Kinder and 5th Grade will do some music at the end of the year.
    • We will also have an HONOR CHOIR that will start enrollment in early December. The Theme for choir this year is INSPIRATIONAL SONGS and it is going to be much fun!! The Honor Choir will have their final concert at the Georgetown PAC on Thursday, February 28th.


    If you would like to know what your child learns in music, click on GISD Elementary Music Rubrics

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