Mary Moore Rabb - Art Teacher



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Mary Moore Rabb - Art Teacher


Mary Moore Rabb is an artist and illustrator who serves as one of Wagner's art teachers. Mrs. Rabb has taught art at both the middle school and high school levels at public schools in Houston, Texas and Lawrence, Massachusetts, and has been an artist herself since the age of 2. She enjoys teaching all artistic media to her students, and specializes in printmaking. She is also skilled at teaching drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, lettering, and embroidery, as well as digital art through Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Mrs. Rabb loves to tell stories through art, and she received a B.A. in Studio Art/Illustration from The Glasgow School of Art in Scotland. Her greatest joy is being able to help her unique, compassionate, and global-minded students to share their individual stories through their artwork. Mrs. Rabb strives to help her students grow in creativity by having them actually “practice” every day – she believes that creativity isn’t something you’re born with, but something you get better and better at with enough practice. She hopes that Wagner students will leave feeling confident in their creative skill and that this will aid them in all areas of life, no matter which path they choose. She tries to connect her classroom with community art projects as much as she can, and is always open to suggestions of ways to do this!

Outside of school, Mrs. Rabb enjoys linocut printmaking, children’s books, enchiladas, and chocolate covered strawberries. She and her husband McLean spend as much time as possible rollerblading, and if she could have one wish it would be to glide instead of walk!

  • Period 1: ART 1 (8:45-9:34)

    Period 2: FLEX (9:38-10:08)

    Period 3: ART 3 (10:12-11:01)

    Period 4A: ART 2 (11:05-11:54)

    Period 5B: ART 1 (12:32-1:21)

    Period 6: ART 2 (1:25-2:14)

    Period 7: ART 1 (2:18-3:07)

    Period 8: CONFERENCE (3:11-4:00)

    To schedule an appointment during my conference period, please email me! I'd love to talk with you.