• Sr. Anthony Thompson

    • Classes: Spanish 1
    • Email: thompsona1@georgetownisd.org
    • Phone: 512-943-1830
    • Conference Times (By Appointment): 11:21 - 12:07 (4th Period)
    • Tutorials: Before School 8:00 - 8:30 TWRF; After School 4:15 - 4:45 MTWR.
    • Course Information: Students can find all required assignments for my classes as well as instructional reference materials in our online Google Classrooms. Parents, if you would like information about what we are studying in class, please ask your student to log in to Google Classroom and show you.

    About Sr. Thompson

    I didn't start out wanting to teach Spanish. I took French for one semester in High School and got a "C". I knew that languages were not for me, but life had other plans. I was given the opportunity to live two months in the Dominican Republic and a year in Puerto Rico nearly twenty years ago, and my love of the language and culture grew from there. I have been married for fifteen happy years, and I have a thirteen-year-old and a six-year-old who are my world.

    I am a father and husband first, so I spent my first ten years of adulthood working in grocery stores while slowly progressing toward a degree in Spanish. I graduated from Southern Utah University in 2012, and I was urged by my professors to continue on to graduate school. Therefore, I spent a year studying and teaching at the University of Kansas (Rock Chalk Jayhawk!) before deciding that teaching, and not research, was my real passion. I taught at Walsh and Cedar Valley Middle Schools, and I have most recently taught at Early College High in Round Rock ISD.

    I hope to impart my love of Hispanic language and culture in a way that will give all of my students a far different experience than I had in High School. I've since learned Portuguese, and I have some study in Italian and Amharic (Ethiopian). Let's have a killer school year!


    2019-2020 Class Schedule

    • Period 1 8:45 - ­9:32  Spanish 1
    • Period 2 9:36 - ­10:26 Spanish 1
    • Period 3 10:30 - ­11:17 Spanish 1
    • Period 4 11:21 - ­12:07 Conference
    • Period 5 12:11 - ­12:57 Spanish 1
    • Lunch 12:57 - 1:27
    • Period 6 1:31 - ­2:18 Spanish 1
    • Period 7 2:22 - ­3:09 Spanish 1
    • Period 8 3:13 - ­4:00 Spanish 1

    Please visit my personal website for additional information: www.thespanishspot.net