Curriculum Information for Parents

  • The GISD Teaching and Learning Team is dedicated to supporting the district Vision, Mission, and Beliefs as well as the Learner Profile by providing instructional support and resources needed for high student achievement and equitable access.

    Please feel free to reach out to your child's campus for additional information on the curriculum.

    For other information please contact the district Curriculum Coordinators:

    KAT: Knowledge Acquisition Transformation IRB

    6-12 Math Curriculum Coordinator
    512-943-5000 Ext. 6025

    6-12 Science, Health, & PE Curriculum Coordinator
    512-943-5000 Ext. 6029

    6-12 RLA and Social Studies
    12-943-5000 Ext. 6033

    K-5 Language Arts & Social Studies Curriculum Coordinator
    512-943-5000 Ext. 7884

    K-5 Math and Science Curriculum Coordinator
    512-943-5000 Ext. 6053

    Advanced Academics Curriculum Coordinator
    512-943-5000 Ext. 6028

    Language Acquisition Coordinator

    512-943-5000 Ext. 6070