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Mrs. Jessica Meurer Sobhani

Jessica Meurer Sobhani

Extension: 8100
Room #: 510
Ongoing projects can be found online in Google classroom.  I can provide a link upon request.

Students will be graded on working in class and their completion of the project criteria which will be covered at the beginning of each project. 
Progress A (3weeks)  

2 Studio grades (30% Homework) 1 Project/Phase grade (70% Test)

Progress B (3 weeks)

2 Studio grades (30% Homework) 1 Project/Phase grade (70% Test)

End of 9 Weeks

2 Studio grades (30% Homework) 1 Project/Phase grade (70% Test)

   This is system is followed each of the 4 9 Week grading periods.

Painting 2, 3, 4 and AP.
$30 course fee for each student including a T-shirt. 

$20 if you don’t want a shirt. 

-Buys the materials needed for the classroom, this includes acrylic, watercolor, storage supplies, and paintbrushes for the painting students. 
-Bring Cash or check to class, I will provide a receipt.
Everyone needs a “sketchbook” this year.  You can bring your own but if you pay the course fee I will be providing one.
You're able to bring in additional supplies  You’re responsible for your stuff!

Students are responsible for making up any missed work, I will work with each person to make sure they have time to complete the project at school, but at times it may be necessary for them to take work and some supplies home.

Google Classroom: 

Painting 2,3,4:  Amxpub2

Art 1:   obwu5xt