• Mrs. Debra Ray

    Grade/Subject:  9-10th/Geometry
    School Name:  East View High School
    Phone: 943-1800 Ext. 8052
    Email: rayd@georgetownisd.org

    Conferences: 1st period: 8:45-9:35 and 2A period:  (Math department conference) 9:40-11:15


    My Education & Teaching Background

    I graduated from Mary-Hardin Baylor, Belton, Texas in 1977.  I have 42 years experience where 36 years are with GISD.  I have always wanted to be a Math Teacher.  My goal has been to inspire students to love and enjoy math as much as I do.  I am here for the students and will put out as much effort as it will take to see that all students achieve

    Class/Course Information (optional)

    A letter will be given to all students the first day of class.


    Period 1AB Conference                                  8:45-9:35
    Period 2A Math Department Conference          9:40-11:15
    Period 3A Geometry                                      11:20-1:25
    Period 4A Geometry                                      1:30-3:00
    Period 5AB Geometry                                    3:05-3:55
    Period 2B Geometry                                      8:45-9:35
    Period 3B Geometry                                      11:20-1:25
    Period 4B Geometry                                      1:30-3:00
  • Classroom Google codes are as follows:

    Pd 3A juwnvyt

    Pd 4A 6vtfgky

    Pd 5AB fkk32k7

    Pd 2B 4skoks2

    Pd 3B h4b6z52

    Pd 4B tdmhrrl

    As I begin to explore Google Classroom I will proceed to keep your learning going. Our next unit is on CIRCLES.  I believe in my students and I know together we can get through this.  I know this will be challenging to some of you but please give it a chance.  If I can do this I know you can.  I will be speaking to you soon.