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  • Medication Administration: A request for the medication form is on my website.

    • Medications (non-prescription and over the counter) administered at school require a written parent request/signed medication administration form.  Requests to alter standard dosage or frequency on over-the-counter medications must be accompanied by a physician-written note and signature.  A faxed order is acceptable.
    • Prescription medications must be in the original container.
    • Prescription medications require a current and accurate prescription label.  Pharmacies will provide you with a labeled bottle for school if you request it.
    • Medication must be delivered to the nurse by the parent/guardian and will be kept in the clinic.  This includes emergency medication.
    • Students are allowed to self-administer emergency medications like rescue inhalers, epi-pens, and/or diabetes treatment ONLY if the nurse has counseled the student and parents to determine the competency of the student and make realistic plans and the student complies with the campus safety policy.


    No district employee may administer herbal/dietary supplements unless prescribed by a physician, provided by the parent, and if required by the Individualized Education Program or 504 plan.  The rationale for this policy is related to the fact that herbal/dietary supplements are not FDA-approved.



    If a Student tests Positive for Covid-19:

    * Students may not attend school

    *Student remains home for 5 full days from symptom onset.  Students may return on day 6 if there is improvement of symptoms and 24 hours fever free without the use of fever-reducing medication. 


    Sickness Exclusion

    GISD follows the Texas Department of Health Guidelines for illness-related exclusions from school.  A student will be sent home if they have a fever of 100.0 Fahrenheit or above or any other contagious symptoms ( vomiting, diarrhea. rash, etc.) and will need to remain home until symptom free for twenty-four ( 24) hours, without the use of medication.  If it is determined that the child should go home, the staff will contact the parent/ guardian.  If the parent/guardian cannot be reached, a listed emergency contact will be contacted.  When it is determined that the student must go home due to a non-emergent illness/injury, it is the expectation that the student be picked up within the hour of parent/guardian/ emergency contact being contacted.  For our older students who are able to drive, parent permission must be obtained via email or fax after contact with the campus clinic, before a student is allowed to drive home. 

    If the doctor prescribes your child antibiotics, he/she must be on the antibiotic for 24 hours before returning to school.

    These guidelines are followed to prevent the spread of illness to other students. 


    Please call or email me if you have any questions or concerns.



    Juliet O'Shoney, BSN, RN
    EVHS School Nurse
    PH: 512 943-1801
    F :  512 943-1819