This Week in STEM Lab We Learned:


    October 15-25

    For the next two weeks students will be learning how to use the engineering design process and team work to make the longest paper chain possible from basic materials. We learned how there are teams that have made the longest paperchains in the world and watched how they worked together to accomplish the task. Students then created a plan, put it to action, and will be comparing and measuring their work. 

    paper chain

    paper chain

    October 7-10

    This week we learned all about binary coding. Students created a binary braclete using their initals.


    September 30- October 4

    We are learning about 2D and 3D shapes this week and how we can use them to plan and build a paper robot. 





     September 24-27

    How can we use magnets to move objects? That is our big idea this week! We read the book If You Bring a Mouse to School and sequenced the event in the story to create a story maze and used magnets to move the character through the story!



    September 16-20

    This week we learned all about force and motion, We read the book Perfect Square and learned how to use shapes and materials to construct a marble run.



    September 9-13

    This week we set up our STEM journals so we can utilize them all year. Students created pictures of themselves as STEMers. 


    STEM journals


    STEM journals


    September 3-6


    • We read The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds
    • We learned about the engineering design process
    • We learned how to create a 3D scuplture using basic everyday materials






    August 26-30

    The Most Magnificent Thing


    • We read The Most Magnificent Thing
    • We learned how to ask questions like scientists

       I think...  I wonder...   I know...  

    • We were inventors and created our Most Magnificent Things! 


    Look for our Most Magnificent Things to come home this week with our science stems!


    Student work

    student work

    student work