This Week in STEM Lab We Learned:



    September 9-13

    This week we set up our STEM journals so we can utilize them all year. Students created pictures of themselves as STEMers. 


    STEM journals


    STEM journals


    September 3-6


    • We read The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds
    • We learned about the engineering design process
    • We learned how to create a 3D scuplture using basic everyday materials






    August 26-30

    The Most Magnificent Thing


    • We read The Most Magnificent Thing
    • We learned how to ask questions like scientists

       I think...  I wonder...   I know...  

    • We were inventors and created our Most Magnificent Things! 


    Look for our Most Magnificent Things to come home this week with our science stems!


    Student work

    student work

    student work